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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Writing on the wall.

I've always found myself exploring the uses for what is considered public property. I like to question things. Why can't I put a sign here? How about a bit of performance art in the middle of the city centre? Why shouldn't we stage a protest here? What's the problem with dyeing the city fountains pink for a few days?

These might sound like trivial issues in the grand scheme of corruption, media manipulation, totalitarianism and all that, but really our freedom over who can use 'public' spaces - and how - gives an insight into more pressing issues. Applying for permits and the like can be a slow, expensive, frustrating process and unless you can throw cash at the situation you'll often receive a negative response.

Perhaps this explains my increasing fascination with graffiti and other 'street art'. Read my latest article in North London paper, The Kentishtowner, about local artists, their motivation, turf wars and Banksy versus King Robbo!

Read The Kentishtowner article here

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