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Monday, 23 September 2013

Combining camera and water

Last week I headed down to North Devon for a MUCH needed surf. I'd been enlisted to drive the second 15 seater minibus, although I'd been out 'til late somewhere the night before. I've searched the echoing cavern of my long-term memory and can't summon any anecdotes or in fact any information at all about that night, but suffice to say it made everything seem a bit more tricksy. The only other time I've driven something bigger than a car was an impromptu drive to Belgium in a friend's battered old VW. I decided to test my driving skills mid motorway somewhere near Bruge . . .

Next morning when I ventured out of my tent it was very worth the long (and slightly surreal) drive down; we set of in convoy to Croyde with the sun glinting off the sea and the lines coming in clean and continuous. Had the best surf in ages and am very much craving another session as soon as physically possible . . . had better hurry up and improve my boarding on my 3 wheel carver skateboard! Looks dodgy as hell but is seriously addictive and pumps just like a surfboard.

So out of nowhere I became obsessed with Sten's 'Sten-proof' camera (not yet ruthlessly tested). Normally I direct - I think I'm exacting and irritating, "oh look can you get the butterfly on all those flowers? Yes especially the pink flower. Oooh with the backdrop of those gorgeous bricks . . . " Quite. So anyway I just couldn't leave the camera alone and got really involved with all the textures in the surf; the reflections in the glassy surface water, the lines in the sand, the glisten on the rocks. Looked like a silly hippy rolling around in the sand - and yes everyone laughed at me.

Still, three days later when it occurred to Sten and me that we should produce at entry into London Surf/ Film Festival, we were to be very grateful for that footage. The whole thing was done in 6 hours - using archive footage we hang on to just for these very occasions. Oh, and at 6.45pm we realised that we needed a time lapse of the sun setting over parliament hill (that would be at 7.05pm), so I peddled off like crazy and had a very nice time mooching about with fellow Heath enthusiasts. Not the weird ones, I hasten to add. Et voila, it was speed edited, and has been made very much using time that should be spent sleeping, but here it is. And you know what, it'll do nicely. Thing is, On The Surface makes me badly want to get back into the water . . .

Watch my short film On The Surface!