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Saturday, 10 March 2012

New start.

Having decided that it’s time to find myself a camera and start doing what I enjoy, I’ve been busy looking around me and being entertained. And bemused. Annoyed too, often enough. I especially like finding things that inspire me; beautiful, silly, fun things. And things with meaning, or a history or truth. Currently I’m attempting to get my hands on a camera. And a camera man. Producer, editer. But I have a couple of scripts and a lot of talented friends.

My particular need right now is for a full length mink and to discover a talent for body painting. The mink doesn’t need explaining just yet. But suffice to say my intentions are honourable. If you are reading this and happen to be able to get your hands on the aforementioned mink, please get in touch asap. I won’t ruin it, I won’t give it to PETA (this time) and it won’t get covered in paint. Promise. Anyhow, on a similar subject I’ve been finding lots of random songs and videos about fur.

Here are a few for you to peruse:

Suicide - Diamonds, fur coat, champagne

Awful audio, It's Mr Burns and "See My Vest"

Lady is a tramp (this is the song I used in the end):

Lady Gaga

Nina Hagen

Frank and Ella

Ukelele! Bill Moore with the casual accompaniment from a rooster.

Check back in a bit to see my 'If you must buy fur buy vintage' video in all its furry, bloody and slightly surreal glory. Eurgh.