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Friday, 5 August 2011

Un mot: Angelique!

I have recently discovered the World of Angelique, and how happy I am! The incredible author, Anne Golon is very much alive and kicking - she is writing . . .  wait for it . . . the 15th and final book!!! I have only read those translated into English, but I think it might be time to top up my rusty A-level French by going through the latter editions with a French dictionary.

The role of Angelique in the existing films was intended to be fulfilled by the one and only Brigitte Bardot, but silly Brigitte turned down the script without reading it. She is later said to have been rather upset (I think gutted a more appropriate term) when she finally did discover the genius of Angelique.

This brings me on to the fact that some fans (my Mother included, and most vociferously!) didn't feel that the lead actress, Michèle Mercier captured the true Angelique. I would consider my acting career fulfilled if I could successfully help bring the work of art that is the Angelique series, to the big screen. Or even a little screen. And I believe that I could do it; Angelique resonates with me. Whether it is that impulsiveness, the wilful and stubborn child coupled with a generous spirit and the tough, compassionate nature of a woman, I find that Angelique travels with me. She has an open heart and mind that allows her to cross social and cultural boundaries, and she doesn't comply with society's expectations - she does things in her own way. Now, do excuse my vanity in posting a few photos that I may or may not try and use to help me achieve this goal.

                                                                        Mermaid dress

With Anton Douglas at The Box, London.

Eddie and Patsy - too cool for Leicester Square

Tree time with Sten and Robbie sandWodge

                                                         Not raiding tombs at Angkor Wat

Washing my hair, au naturel in Laos

The beautiful Rishikesh with my beautiful Sten 

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

This Holy man stepped straight out of The Jungle Books. And he put on his glad rags for the photoshoot.

Rocket did not live up to his name.

                                    Romeo, another misnomer. Rocket would have been far more suitable.