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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Playboy has returned to Mayfair . . .

Last night marked the return of Playboy to London, with the Official Launch Party attended by Hugh Hefner, his nearest and dearest, mates old and new, and a few of London's names and faces. It was sparkly, exciting, absolutely packed - and, of course, controversial.

At about 7pm things started to get really exciting for us Bunnies, as the casino tables were closed and ice sculptures, candy floss machines and miniture popcorn buckets made an appearance. Oh, and the chanting started. A few of us made our way to the window of the sports bar from where we had a great view of about 100 protestors waving the witty and innovative 'Eff Off Hef' banners. My personal favourite was a double-sider, with one side reading "THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE".

For the record, I am yet to meet a Playboy Bunny who has been captured from the streets and forced into the gloriously theatrical Bunny suit. It is a career choice that is supporting artists, writers, actors, presenters, models, students and business women. So I would like to direct a few choice comments to the Eff Off Hef campaigners; do your research, get your facts right, find a cause that is of real importance and please, don't judge a woman on her Bunny costume.

   A few of us down-trodden, under-fed, objectified Bunnies at Kensington Roof Gardens.

          Worked to the bone at Bunny School. Shoe cameo by Armarni Bennet.

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