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Thursday, 23 June 2011

And now for something completely different.

Life is very exciting right now; I've settled into life as a Bunny which is ticking on nicely, so I can finally focus on my own projects! The screenplay I have written, currently dubbed "Laura Tolton" is meandering nicely - we're looking at casting - I will be auditioning for Laura, bien sur, and we're going to have a reading as soon as we can fuse our schedules. Nostrings Productions will be pulling in a couple of talented close friends, which means rehearsals will be an absolute blast!

My producer, Danny John Williams and I have a very similar vision for the film which is fantastic - and it already has a very bizarre history involving daytime drinking (roof top rum), an unknown and un-met artist, a psychic forecast and a gypsy - surreal or what?

Nostrings are currently entering a short film into the Virgin Media Shorts Competition - please welcome 'Archie'. The beautiful composition is by John Hamilton, and the writer and director is Danny himself. Have a look, have a listen, and share it if you 'like' it :-)

Archie - Virgin Media Shorts

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