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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Like shoes? Course you do. So does Kobi Levi.

I feel the need to mention the inspired work of Kobi Levi. Based in Tel Aviv, he creates fabulous designs that he describes as 'wearable sculptures' - and I can well imagine his work featuring among the less glitzy collections at one of my all time favourite brands, Irregular Choice.

Incidentally, whilst I'm on the subject, I have resigned myself to the fact that I'm unlikely to shop again with Irregular Choice, because the majority of their designs are of course, leather. You have no idea how upsetting this is - and it doesn't stop there. Oh no. This horrible fact applies to almost every shoe designer and retailer. Once whilst perusing the almighty Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, I happened across an unobtrusive little shop that was filled with the most beautiful boots - in every colour imaginable. And they were gorgeous; every detail, from tongue to sole was just right. It was like stumbling into a Paul Smith emporium - but everything was ridiculously cheap.

And boy did it smell of skin. I had a little cry - there and then. No word of a lie - and I sloped off quietly to hide my misery in the jewellery section. Now, admittedly I have digressed somewhat - but my point is, that this doesn't have to be the case - I have an enviable shoe collection, and the majority are animal friendly. The fact that Kobi Levi also uses some pleather is really rather exciting. What I'm waiting for, though, is for Stella McCartney to team up with Paul Smith, Irregular Choice, me, etc and come up with some truly stunning ethical designs. And, sooner would be better than later - my birthday's coming up.

Personal favourites from Kobi's collection include 'Sling-Shot', 'Slide', the rather naughty 'Blow' and the ├╝ber cool 'Chewing gum'. I also love his 'Bird' series, and I think the 'Toucan' gets my winning vote.

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