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Monday, 28 February 2011

Lustin' for Justin?

Not me, God no. But I know a little someone who is . . .  hilarious. Think The Mighty Old Greg stumbles upon the nubile young Justin (little bit of sick). I quote "I want to take you for your first pint" . . .

This blog just expresses a healthy interest in wholesome pursuits and brotherhood. I think.

This little number too, deserves a quick chuckle:

"We've eaten tea. We had soup. I had oxtail, you had cream of mushroom, with bread
for dunking. We're doing the dishes together, you're washing, i'm drying. You're
in a playful mood, you flick some bubbles up in the air, they land on my nose. I
spray you with some fairy liquid. We're both covered in it. Don't worry, i'll clean up"

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