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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Down and Out in London

Not really, I'm no longer on the breadline. January was a tough month though - during the festivities I clearly was not as conservative with my pennies as I had thought - I spent the majority on Christmas presents, and Estonian potatoes/ vodka/ both. At one point I owed my slightly intimidating landlord 2 months rent (they call him the Cally Gangster; he's slight in stature, but he owns 400 properties), and I was doing the food shop in Capital Bond vouchers at Iceland. On that note, one particularly low shop involved me doing a spot of precise calculation; yes I can afford the biscuits, and no, Branston pickles are 25p over my budget - that sort of thing. Branston pickles, maybe not, but a pot of Piccalilli cost £1 exactly - which was spot on my budget. Piccalilli bought, I returned home rather please with myself. Except, Sten was distinctly unimpressed, and I don't actually know what Piccalilli is - or how to use it. So, one pound down the drain then. In voucher terms of course.

Anyhow, the reason for my temporary silence is that I'm applying myself - writing, learning Hindi, writing, making coffees at Sadler's Wells and generally sorting my life out. Money is starting to trickle in, and a plan is forming; I'm wide-eyed and hopeful. Admittedly, Hindi has gone by the wayside (as of last Thursday - too much. Too too much.), but in one week I served coffee and administered justice on Monday, wrote like the diligent writer I am on Tuesday, attended a Bunny Girl party with the names and faces of London Clubs on Wednesday, Hindi Thursday and Friday was spent hosting a charity event for Andy Gomarsall; a free bar, to a backdrop of Bentleys, Ferraris and Harley-Davidsons. England beat Wales, I stocked up on Jager-Meister, and some smashed old soak gave me £20 for giving him a bottle of Prosecco to himself. What a result.

I am supposed to be filming for an ITV pilot show this week - and I am dreading it. I was drawn in by the prospect of winning a grand - I have suddenly become aware of the fact that I am unwittingly getting involved in reality TV. OH MY GOOOOOD. Not sure I can handle that. In spite of the fact that I write this blog, I am actually a very private person. You should think yourself lucky - being admitted into the inner workings of my head and all that. So, I'll be in touch . . .

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