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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year boys and girls!

Happy New Year, all and sundry! I saw it in with Sten at La Scala by King's Cross. Don't ask why - it was a hideous sounding night, 'Power Ballads'. Generally speaking I detest power ballads, in fact I'm not even too sure of what they are, except they seem to be: from the 80's, cheesy as pizza (goes without saying really), overly emotional, and they all tend to involve a key change. From my more power-loving friends (Si, Jonny, Hennerz, Keeley - named and shamed) I have also gleaned that the genre includes the likes of Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and Bryan Adams. When this sort of music comes on, I usually go to the bar for shots.

In spite of the above, it was a rather good night. Admittedly it began with Sten and me bickering over the printing out of tickets, and a last minute dash to the Internet cafe (still owe the bloke a pound for that, come to think of it). This was followed by an incident at King's Cross station - and do allow me a rant here: Sten and some of the boys raced each other up to the top of the 'down' escalators - to much cheering might I add. At the top they were greeted by the frowning, yet secretly excited and semi-erect, community support officer/ copper (they all look the same to me - racist!).

The said nobhead then chased Sten out of the ticket gates. To give Sten credit he immediately stopped to talk, but the teenage bully then decided to assert his pimply-faced authority and force Sten backwards until he was backed up against a wall. He imbedded his inquisition with comments like "I saw you fall over - trust me you looked like an idiot" (incidentally he didn't actually fall over at all - he won the race so up yours), and sniffling lickle jibes of a similar petty nature. Sten was made to get out his various forms of ID, and whilst he apologised and politely requested that the process be completed asap, the female officer jumped in with the grave collar grabbing comment of "it'll take as long as it needs to" boy, sonny Jim, lad. It was 11.45pm on NYE. All right, rant over. Suffice it to say that I have long held a low opinion of police types - and these two just reinforced the stereotype: well done you power hungry pair of pricks.

New Years hugs, kisses and toasts were made, and I must have coped fairly well with all that power blowing out of the speakers, for it were well nigh on 4am before I dragged Sten off to get some remarkably good chips - remarkable given that they were kebab shop chips from the bottom of Cally Road. We then made the short wander up the road before dancing the rest of the morning away to some excellent tunes courtesy of XFM - what a station. Oh, and my first 'meal' of the year was a Walnut Whip - which I think bodes well.

                                       A powerful night at La Scala

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